The CHBH Team

Principal Investigators

The Centre for Human Brain Health (CHBH) is a vibrant neuroscientific community, which comprises a large interdisciplinary group of principal investigators, supported by dedicated post-doctoral researchers, research assistants, PhD, Masters and Undergraduate students as well as a committed team of technical and operational staff. Individual Principal Investigator profiles can be founded ordered by their related research area on the CHBH Research Themes pages.


The management of the CHBH is the responsibility of two academic Co-Directors and a number of key committees made up of both academic and professional services staff: the Management Committee, Operations Committee, Strategy Committee and Health and Safety Committee. More information on the Co-Directors and each Committee can be found listed below.

We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community at our Centre and working with our colleagues across the University of Birmingham to grow and develop actions that address implicit bias and improve our workplace culture for the benefit of the research community and the scientific enterprise itself. The CHBH shares these goals with the ALBA network towards diversity and equity in brain sciences and is a signatory of the ALBA declaration on Equity and Inclusion."



Dr Katja Kornysheva

Assistant Professor in Human Neuroscience and Co-Director of the Centre for Human Brain Health

Management Committee

The Management Committee is responsible for the short- and medium-term oversight of the Centre. Its members represent a broad range of expertise tied to the facilities the Centre supports. The Management Committee is responsible for budgetary oversight of the CHBH. 

Operations Committee

The Operations Committee oversees the technical and operational administration of the Centre to ensure a robust and efficient environment that facilitates members' research and teaching.

Strategy Committee

The Strategy Committee leads on the longer-term strategy of the Centre. The membership of the Committee comprises interdisciplinary faculty staff from multiple Colleges and Schools across the University.

Health and Safety Committee

The CHBH Health and Safety Committee reports into both the School of Psychology's Health and Safety Committee and the College of Life and Environmental Sciences Health and Safety Committee. Its laboratory remit is focused on CHBH-exclusive modalities MRIMEGOPMSleep and fNIRS (EEG, Brain Stimulation and Behavioural modality matters are under the responsibility of the School of Psychology's Health and Safety Committee), and general health and safety matters within the Centre itself. 

  • Prof Andrew Bagshaw - Co-Director / Chair of the CHBH Health and Safety Committee
  • Denise Clissett - School of Psychology Health & Safety Representative
  • Dominic Hickey - College of Life and Environmental Sciences Health and Safety Manager 
  • Dr Anna Kowalczyk - Laser Safety Representative
  • Dr Emily Loftus - Operations Manager
  • Caroline Ratcliffe - Operations Administrator / Secretary of the Health and Safety Committee
  • Nina Salman - Deputy Chair of the CHBH Health and Safety Committee / CHBH Health and Safety Representative / School of Psychology Fire Safety Coordinator
  • Alison Sidebotham - College of Life and Environmental Sciences Health and Safety Assistant
  • Dr Martin Wilson - MRI Physicist
  •  All CHBH modalities Leads (listed in the CHBH Management Committee above) are invited to H&S Committee meetings, but attendance is not mandatory.