Care, relationships, health

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This theme describes the work of colleagues engaged in the regulation and governance of relationships in law and society in family, health and social care contexts.

The key topics and concepts it encompasses include: capabilities; child law; disability law; discrimination and equality law; family law; feminist legal theory; gender and law; healthcare law; health and social care technologies; law and sexuality; medical law; mental capacity and mental health; relationality; succession law; vulnerability.

Researchers have influenced new health and social care legislation, protections and safeguards; identified gaps and pitfalls in existing regulations; and provided guidance on best practice in medical ethics, safety, and delivery. Research has been published in journals such as The British Journal of Nursing, Medical Law Review, and Frontiers in Public Health.

In addition to our school-wide Research Seminar Series, we meeting regularly to share research ideas and publications. The Centre for Health Law, Science and Policy includes members from across the University of Birmingham and collaborates with those working in the NHS and legal profession both nationally and internationally. This theme forms a subject stream in our Annual Research Conference.

There is also a Gender and the Law research group which falls under the ‘Care, Relationship and Health’ ‘umbrella’.  This group is aimed both at staff and postgraduate students whose research interests sit broadly within gender and the law, and it holds regular reading groups and speaker events (with speakers both from within, and outside of, the University).  For further information, please contact Charlotte Bendall.

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