Previous Events


10th June - Supporting the participation and inclusion of children with disabilities in early childhood in Malawi

6th June - Education and Palestine: Activism and Anti-Racism

5th June - CANCELLED: Tragedy, film and ethics education: towards an evolutionary Aristotelian philosophy

4th June - Ethnicity, Religion, and Muslim Education in a Changing World: Navigating Contemporary Perspectives on Multicultural Schooling in the UK

28th May - Curating emerging linguistic soundscapes in transnational space (MOSAIC Seminar)

23rd May - Approaches to improving relationships with Black Parents in an Academy

22nd May - Race and Education: Reproducing white supremacy in Britain (Book Launch)

21st May - Cafe Teach - Get into Teaching

13th May - Fantasies and Situated Knowledges. The "Child" and the "Mother" in Debates about the Swiss Kindergarten (DOMUS Seminar)

11th May - Get Into Teaching event: West Midlands

2nd May - Education and Palestine Seminar 2: Education and Research in and on Palestine

2nd May - Social in/justice and the politics of 'evidence' about language in education policy (MOSAIC Seminar)

1st May - Education, extremism and utopian thinking

25th April - Ad Astra per Aspera 'to the stars through difficulty'

22nd April - Educational Futures: views from 1949 and 2024 (DOMUS Seminar)

18th April - Education and Palestine Seminar 1: Setting the Context

10th April - Mayoral Tech Hustings: West Midlands

26th March - Educating Responsible Believers

20th March - Visit our postgraduate open day

20th March - How Diversity Became White: Paradoxes of Europeanizing Antiracism and Non-discrimination (CRRE Seminar)

13th March - Ashamed of myself: rethinking body shame

6th March - The Future of Inclusive Education: Intersectional Perspectives (Book Launch)

4th March - Remembering the Educational Lives and Networks of Three Midlands Women (DOMUS Seminar)

29th February - POSTPONED "RIP English": Race, class and 'good English' in India (MOSAIC Seminar)

29th February - Ending Educational Inequities: Teachers Finding New and Creative Solutions

28th February - Normalising Islamophobia: Social, Political and Cultural Perspectives in Today's Society (CRRE Seminar)

21st February - POSTPONED The Culture Trap: Ethnic Expectations and Unequal Schooling for Black Youth (CRRE Seminar)

12th February - Pride of Place: Queering Heritage in Contemporary England

8th February - Decolonising Methodologies

7th February - Permanent Racism: Politics and Policy in 'Postracial' Britain (Book Launch)

7th February - #parentinghacks: what are we hacking?

29th January - Language testing as "border work": A critical perspective on the role of language tests in immigration and citizenship contexts (MOSAIC Seminar)

29th January - 'The one in the many': exploring Annette Schepel and Alice Buckton's engagements with international progressive education networks, 1873-1944

8th January - Education and the moral psychology of aspiration


7th December - Educational Review Article of the Year Seminar

6th December - Racism in the Swedish School: Between Racism, Discrimination and Integration? (CRRE Seminar)

6th December - Classroom architecture and the gaze

21st November - Do school leaders' values matter? Decision making in complex times

15th November - When Becky Pulls 'a Karen': How university research ethics processes expose Black women to White rage (CRRE Seminar)

8th November - Rethinking non-religion in education: non-religious children's experiences of worship and RE in schools

30th October - The historicity of female Roman Catholicism In India and the outreach of Sister Cyril Mooney in Kolkata, 1841-2012 (DOMUS Seminar)

26th October - Are you interested in a Career in Teaching?

24th October - The Teaching of Religious Attitudes to Homosexuality in the Classroom

18th October - Can a 'speech as action' approach to analysing education policy help us to better understand the current crisis in teacher retention and recruitment?

11th October - You might think there were only middle class 'mixed race' people! Studies of mixed people in higher education (CRRE Seminar)

7th-9th September - Global solutions to working with vulnerable children and young people

30th August-2nd September - EuroSLA 32

23rd August - Vanley Burke is in conversation with Dr Reza Gholami

6th July - Developing Communication and Clarity Between Stakeholders

23rd June - Educating Character through the Arts Book Launch

20th June - Transforming Autism Education Practice in Mainstream School Settings

31st May - Faith, Hope and Reality: Where are Children's Charities Going?

24th May - Why Teach Philosophy in Schools? The Case for Philosophy on the Curriculum by Dr Jane Gatley, University of Swansea

5th May - Inclusion - how far have we come and how far can we go?

3rd May - The Social World of the School: Education and Community in Interwar London (DOMUS Seminar)

27th April - BeeWell: Making young people's wellbeing everyone's business

26th April - Radical Education and Narrative Form (DOMUS Seminar)

28th March - ELA Seminar - The Thinking School and the Thinking Teacher

23rd March - Bilingualism and Autism, Dr Rachael Davis

23rd March - Book Launch with Kalwant Bhopal

8th March - Postgraduate open Day

20th February - Breathing through the feet by Sibusiso Mkhize | Screening + Q&A

14th February - Postgrad LIVE! Birmingham 2023

17th January - A Windrush Generation Education Leader: my story


7th December - Signing Shakespeare

6th December - Disability, Health and Wellbeing in education for a post-covid word: lessons from the field

1st December - Educational Review Article of the Year Seminar

30th November - Culture, religion and autism

29th November - How far can you go? A conversation with Tom Byrne and Kyle Robidoux

28th November - 'Scholars in great need': responses to refugee staff and students at the University of Birmingham 1933-1945 (DOMUS Seminar)

7th November - The School to Prison Pipeline: A UK Perspective

2nd November - CRRE Annual Lecture with Professor Michael W Apple

27th October - POSTPONED - Levelling up the country or levelling up our city?

26th October - The metaphorical body: Why metaphor may be everywhere

4th October - Improving social mobility: how should education institutions and employers work together?

1st July - Flourishing Schools: Introducing The Character Teaching Inventory

20th June - Urban education in the land of the Trojan Horse: Lessons and Reflections

8th June - Sir Tim Brighouse and Professor Mick Waters

25th May - Decolonising Educational Narratives in Birmingham

11th May - A Taxonomy for Using Social Media as a Learning Tool: Updating Bloom's Taxonomy

10th May - Disability Under Siege: decolonising knowledge on disability in contexts of conflict and crisis

9th May - Educational Review: Article of the Year Seminar

23rd March-3rd April - Showcase: A Gift to Birmingham

17th March - EdJAM's Hashiya Project: Confronting violent pasts through storytelling and visual language (DOMUS Seminar)

16th March - Postgraduate Open Day March 2022

16th March - Absence, distortion and disconnection with Professor Richard Harris (CRRE Seminar)

9th March - Introduction to the Oak National Academy (ELA Seminar)

8th March - Book launch of Gender and Education in England 1770 to the present day: a social and cultural history by Jane Martin

3rd March - Disability Under Siege Workshop

1st March - Postgrad LIVE! Birmingham

26th January - From silence to strategic advancement with speaker Professor Farzana Shain (CRRE Seminar)


14th December - Locating 'parent power' in the history of post-1945 British secondary education (DOMUS Seminar)

9th December - The hidden voices of people with PMLD: focusing on meaningful relationships

8th December - Marginalised families and autism: Understanding the experiences of children and their families

6th December - Fostering Friendships

2nd December - Inclusive Sex Education and Autism

23rd November - DOMUS Seminar - Competing pedagogies in long 18th century education

22nd November - Universalist and Specialist Approaches

20th November - Postgraduate Open Day November 2021

18th November - Dyslexia: What's New

16th November - Moral, ethical and compassionate leadership and leadership for well-being

16th November - Sport for a new generation

9th November - Nothing about us without us - What can the COVID-19 pandemic teach us about disability justice? (Live)

5th-7th November - History of Education Society (UK) Conference 2021

7th October - The Priestley Lecture 2021, with Dame Rachel de Souza

6th October - Leading in partnership - Leadership and strengths-based practice

6th October - DOMUS Seminar - Campaigning for radical educational change in the 1970s and 1980s

20th September - Civic Virtue, Community and The Common Good

26th August-2nd September - ECF Senior Leaders and Mentor Information Sessions: Aug and Sept 2021

7th-9th July - STEMM and Belief in Diverse Contexts Conference 2021

6th July - Between Opportunity and Inequality: Educating Etobicoke in Metro Toronto (Canada), 1945–Present

22nd-25th June - Lost in Transition? Supporting young people with vision impairment for post school transitions

2nd June - A conversation with Professor Kehinde Andrews

26th May - DOMUS Seminar - Writing the biography of a teaching Sister: methodologies, myths, myopia

5th May - The Race of Parenting with speaker Prof Natasha Warikoo

30th April - The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on disabled people in the Global South

29th April - Critical race theory revisited with speaker Prof Paul Warmington

28th April - Scholarly Women: an underrated and misrepresented group?

31st March - Disability Under Siege: Policy and Dissemination

8th-13th March - Postgraduate Open Week March 2021

10th February - Disability Under Siege: Project launch

18th January - Searching for Brian Simon: memories of a comprehensive school campaigner, Marxist and historian

14th January - Thrive: How to cultivate character so your children can flourish online


1st December - Head, hand and heart: educating the whole child - why this is more important than ever right now

30th November - DISN Celebrating autistic talent

28th November - Innovating Educational Research, Theory and Practice: Time, Space and Place

26th November - The human library - Stories from the UAE Desert

26th November - Education: What's CRT got to do with it?

26th November - DISN Disability and Special Needs in the current COVID crisis. How can we re-create what education needs to look like?

25th November - Online Yoga for Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD

24th November - How far have we come? Looking towards the next 50

23rd November - Making Histories, Sharing Histories.' Putting University-Community Collaboration into Practice

20th November - Finding Your Way: Careers and Disability

19th November - DISN - Inclusion and Special Educational Needs: How far have we come? How far have we to go?

16th-21st November - Postgraduate Online Open Week November 2020

13th November - Switched on for sound: how one device changed deaf children's lives forever

13th November - ESRC Switched on for sound: how one device changed deaf children's lives forever

13th November - Supporting the multilingual child during Covid-19

10th November - City-zenship: What does a 'Brummie' education look like?

9th November - 'The school that I'd like': children and teenagers write about education in England and Wales, 1945-79

16th July - Research agendas and developing intellectual histories (DOMUS seminar)

15th July - BLM and Anti-Racist Leadership

22nd June - Regional geographies of education and elite formation in a fractured United Kingdom (DOMUS seminar)

15th June - Moving on: Pathways to Adulthood for young people with vision impairment

15th June - School leadership during COVID-19: Perspectives from the front line

1st April - POSTPONED: Enquiring Women - Education, place, space, and constructions of self (DOMUS seminar)

11th March - Postgraduate Open Day March 2020

17th February - Facial recognition, race and doubt in automated education governance - with speaker Kalervo Gulson (CRRE seminar)

4th February - Imperfect Leadership. Seminar hosted by Steve Munby

22nd January - Protecting the Environment and Improving Lives: How Can Elusive 'Win-Win' Outcomes Be Achieved?


5th December - Launch of the World Yearbook of Education 2020

4th December - What can we learn about global education from historical and global policy studies of the OECD? (DOMUS seminar) CANCELLED

30th November - The 18th annual School of Education Doctoral Research Conference

19th November - 'The standards you walk past are the standards you accept'

7th November - Worth Listening To? Life with Learning Disabilities

24th October - Testaments of Change? (DOMUS Seminar and book launch)

23rd October - Marxist Three-Sided Football

27th September - Developing Excellence in Autism Research and Practice

16th September - The Save the Children collection at the Cadbury Research Library (DOMUS Seminar)

9th September - Post/colonial vistas of religiosity in India: Loreto's Modernity Turn, 1904-2010 (DOMUS Seminar)

26th June - The Priestley Lecture with speaker Sir Tim Brighouse

19th June - Crafting Values: teaching citizenship and reconciliation in South Africa (DOMUS seminar)

17th June - Interfaith Childhoods: common threads found through art

22nd May - Use of video reflection to support confidence and competence in Dynamic Assessment (RIPS seminar)

16th May - The Birmingham Conference 2019

10th May - Implementing the New Ofsted Framework: Character Education Policy and Practice

29th April - Photography and education - with speaker Avelina Miquel Lara (DOMUS Seminar)

22nd-23rd March - Legacies of the First World War Festival: Diversity

20th March - Collecting, Crafting, and Consuming the School Museum in Britain, c.1895-1920 - with speaker Laura Newman (DOMUS Seminar)

13th March - Advancing equality in Higher Education - with speakers Kalwant Bhopal and Holly Henderson (CRRE seminar)

13th March - Beyond the Battlefield: histories of childhood and education in the First World War and Beyond

8th March - 'Lonely Pioneers': 100 Years of Women in Politics

27th February - Colonial Countryside - with speaker Corinne Fowler (DOMUS Seminar)

13th February - Diversity and citizenship. With speaker Kaori Kikuchi (CRRE seminar)

6th February - Autism, it's almost like an entirely different species - with speaker Hannah Ware (RIPS seminar)

29th January - Addressing the Vocabulary Gap - with speakers Amanda Patten and Ela McSorley (Rush Hour Research)

23rd January - Documentary film-making, public history, and heritage - with speaker Joe Hopkinson (DOMUS Seminar)

3rd-5th January - Virtues: Local or Universal?