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PhD title: A Cognitive Approach to Understanding the Semantics of the Kingdom of God In Luke’s Gospel
SupervisorsDr Karen Wenell and Dr Andrew Davies
PhD Theology and Religion


  • BSc (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Manchester
  • BA (Hons) in Theology, London Bible College (presently London School of Theology)
  • Diploma in Pastoral Studies, London Bible College
  • MTh in ancient languages (Classical Hebrew, Classical Greek, Hellenistic Greek, Aramaic), University of Aberdeen


I have received engineer training in the UK and worked briefly in large-scale integrated circuit industry. After sensing the call to work in Christian mission, I went for further training in theology and ancient languages, and subsequently took up full time work as missionary until now.


I have been responsible for designing, planning and teaching theological courses for the laypeople in the mission field.


Despite having received intensive research, the semantics of the “kingdom of God” in the Gospels remains ambiguous and often perplexing. The dominant lexical meaning allocated, viz., God’s reign or kingship, often does not seem to fit with the written texts. In view of this difficulty, this thesis will investigate the latest cognitive model of language to account for the semantics of the kingdom of God in Luke’s Gospel, and offer alternative interpretations on many of the kingdom of God sayings.


  • I have been writing short articles on the kingdom of God in Luke’s Gospel (in Chinese) in a Christian mission magazine since 2018.

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