Birmingham Masters Scholarship terms and conditions

£2,000 tuition fee discount awards for the 2024-2025 academic year

Our Birmingham Masters Scholarship offers £2,000 via a tuition fee discount, to support the brightest and best applicants undertaking Masters study at Birmingham during 2024-2025.

Terms and Conditions

All Birmingham Masters Scholarship offers are bound by the below terms and conditions. You should familiarise yourself with all of the below terms and conditions before applying to the Birmingham Masters Scholarship.

1. Eligibility

In order to be eligible for the Birmingham Masters Scholarship, you must be:

  1. Undertaking a Masters course in an eligible subject commencing in the 2024-2025 academic year;
  2. Domiciled in the UK and classified as a Home student for tuition fee payment;
  3. Not already registered on a postgraduate programme.

If your application is successful, all offers are based upon the terms and conditions of the scholarship and further eligibility checks will be undertaken. All offers are made upon the assumption that any and all information you submit is truthful and accurate; the scholarship can and will be revoked if you are found to be in violation of the scholarship's terms and conditions at any point.

Awarding will prioritise students who have graduated from one of the Midlands-based universities identified in the below tab; however, having studied at a Midlands-based university is not a requirement for an application.

Please see the below tab for the eligible courses for the Birmingham Masters Scholarship.

Due to the high volume of applications, the University reserves the right to close the scholarship scheme early, meaning that any successive round(s) after the first round of applications may not be executed, despite any initial plans of operating multiple rounds, if all scholarships are allocated to successful applicants.

2. Payment

The value of the Birmingham Masters Scholarship is £2,000. This will be paid as a discount on your tuition fee and no part of the award can be made as a cash payment.

If your tuition fees are charged modularly then the £2,000 will be spread evenly across the first and second semesters of your first year of study.

3. Termination

In any of the circumstances set out below the Birmingham Masters Scholarship will be withdrawn and you will receive no (or no further) payments from the University:

  1. If you permanently leave the University due to illness (whether or not following a Leave of Absence under the University’s Code of Practice on Leave of Absence procedures);
  2. If you leave the University voluntarily for reasons other than illness;
  3. If you are required to withdraw from the University due to disciplinary or fitness to practise proceedings;
  4. If you fail to complete satisfactorily the requirements of your programme.

The University reserves the right to demand the repayment of any instalment or instalments (or part thereof) of the Birmingham Masters Scholarship paid to you in circumstances 2 or 3 set out above.

4. Leave of Absence

In the event that you take, or are required to take, a Leave of Absence during the academic year any Birmingham Masters Scholarship payments still due will be suspended until you return from your Leave of Absence and re-register as a normally registered student with the University.

Upon re-registering you will be paid the balance of any instalments due from the academic year when the Leave of Absence was taken.

If you fail to return to the University after a Leave of Absence then the Birmingham Masters Scholarship will be terminated and you will receive no (or no further) payments from the University, as outlined above.

Apply now for your Birmingham Masters Scholarship

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