Said Foundation Scholarship

The Saïd Foundation is able to provide full or partial scholarships for masters' degrees at universities around the UK depending on the level of financial need or whether other grants are available to applicants. While we are able to provide full funding, we are also happy to provide matching funds.

The Foundation can also consider distance learning courses and shorter postgraduate courses at accredited UK academic institutions



For the academic year 2013/14, the Foundation’s criteria are as follows:

  • have a good first degree
  • provide evidence of your proficiency in English
  • be under forty years of age
  • be Jordanian, Lebanese, Syrian or Palestinian (including Palestinians inside Israel) and be resident in the Middle East
  • demonstrate that your chosen course of study will be of use to your home country or the Middle East region
  • have at least two years' work experience
  • apply for a place on a course at one of the Foundation's partner universities, if your proposed course is offered there. For a list of our partner universities, please click here.
  • sign a binding undertaking to apply the skills and knowledge you have gained in one of the Foundation's target countries
  • The Foundation welcomes applications from disabled people.


Application Procedure

You must return your application form to a British Council office in Amman, Beirut, East Jerusalem or Gaza by 31 January each year.  Application forms can be downloaded from the Said Foundation