Medical school frontage

We’re conducting impactful research that matters; from identifying how deadly vaccine-related blood clots occur and offering hope for protective treatments, to creating simple solutions with the potential to save the lives of thousands of women in childbirth around the world each year.

Our academic’s achievements have also attracted attention, with the announcement of Professor Neil Hanley joining as new Head of College making the top ten list, along with Professor Dame Helen Stokes Lampard’s appointment to the Government AI Taskforce and Dr Thomas Jackson’s prestigious Wellcome Leap award.

1. Protein interaction causing rare but deadly vaccine-related clotting found

Scientists from the University of Birmingham were able to identify how deadly blood clots occasionally occur following vaccination, offering hope that potential protective treatments could be developed.

2. New drug to lower brain pressure could treat blinding IIH headaches, trial finds

Patients with ‘blinding’ headaches could be treated with a drug currently used for type 2 diabetes. A new phase two trial saw significant reduction in pressure in the brain when the drug was given as a twice daily injection.

3. Vaping renders immune cells unable to move to meet threats

Inhaling e-cigarette smoke causes damage to cells called neutrophils. Study finds that even moderate exposure to nicotine-free vapour causes suppression of immune cell activity.

4. University of Birmingham academic appointed to government AI Taskforce

Professor Dame Helen Stokes-Lampard joined government advisory board on artificial intelligence, along with leading names from national security to computer science, sharing vital hands-on clinical front-line experience.

5. Professor Neil Hanley to become new Head of the College of Medical and Dental Sciences

In the Spring we announced that Professor Hanley, an expert in early human development and stem cell biology, was to take on the Head of College and Pro-Vice Chancellor role from September 2023.

6. Incurable blood cancer trial finds new drug better than current second line treatments

Patients with an incurable blood cancer – polycythaemia vera – may respond better to a new drug compared to conventional best treatment, according to a clinical trial led by University of Birmingham.

7. Lifesaving solution dramatically reduces severe bleeding after childbirth

A simple set of interventions to manage postpartum haemorrhage, could provide a major breakthrough in reducing deaths from childbirth-related bleeding. The study, involving over 200,000 women across the world, found that measuring blood loss using a simple, low-cost ‘drape’ could help to identify potential serious loss and trigger next steps sooner.

8. University of Birmingham awarded Wellcome Leap contract

Dr Thomas Jackson has been awarded a multi-million-pound contract to research the responses of older people undergoing a stressful health event. This is the first time a University of Birmingham researcher has received the prestigious award.

9. Steep rise for Life Sciences and Medicine in QS World University Rankings

The QS-defined faculty area of Life Sciences & Medicine sees the University of Birmingham jump an impressive 30 places, meaning we now place joint 62nd in the world.

10. Cannabinoid-based drug trial for brain tumours begins

A new trial, coordinated by the University of Birmingham, launched earlier this year enabling certain patients with aggressive brain tumours to take part in a research involving a cannabinoid-based drug.