Research Software Group Staff

BEAR Software services are provided by the Research Software Group in Advanced Research Computing.

Dr Kamilla Kopec-Harding

Senior Research Data Scientist


Kamilla holds an MSci in Chemistry and Pharmacology from the University of Birmingham and a PhD in computational chemistry from the University of Manchester.

After her PhD, she worked as a Research Assistant for the Manchester Asthma and Allergy Study and then as a Scientist and Health Data Manager for the Arthritis Research UK Centre for Epidemiology before joining the Research Software Engineering team at the University of Manchester as a Research Software Engineer in 2019.

Kamilla is interested in all areas of data science and has worked with researchers from a range of disciplines (from Computer Science to Earth Sciences), using R and Python to help wrangle data into an analysis ready format and extract useful insights. She is an R enthusiast and was an active contributor to the R User Group at the University of Manchester. She particularly enjoys being an instructor on Carpentries-style coding workshops and has previously delivered sessions on R, Unix shell, and Git.

She joined the Research Software Group at the University of Birmingham as a Senior Research Data Scientist in September 2023, funded by the Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Government (CAIG).