Professor Bob Stone

Bob StoneRobert (Bob) Stone holds a Chair in Interactive Multimedia Systems, where he is also Head of the Applied Computing Research Centre and Director of the Human Interface Technologies (HIT) Team.

Bob was the Research Director of the UK Human Factors Integration Defence Technology Centre for over six years, and it is from within this Centre that many of his team’s projects originate, covering human-centred design and evaluation methodologies for applications as varied as close-range weapons training and support for surgical and mental health therapies to submarine safety awareness, IED search and disposal training and unmanned vehicle control.

Bob works closely with the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine and the new European Centre for Environment and Human Health, is an Honorary Consultant in Human Factors and Simulation within the UK’s Hollier Medical Simulation Centre and was a Human Factors consultant to the US Office of Naval Research-funded 'Pulse!!' Virtual Healthcare Project. Bob also represents the UK on a NATO Research and Technology Group, ‘Advanced Training Technologies for Medical/Healthcare’.

In 2011, Bob was one of only four individuals to be awarded a prestigious MoD Chief Scientific Adviser's Commendation in recognition of his work at the Human Factors Integration Defence Technology Centre (HFI DTC).