Professor Scott Lucas

Scott Lucas

Scott Lucas, Professor of American Studies, is a specialist in US and British foreign policy. His research interests also cover current international affairs, especially North Africa; the Middle East and Iran; New Media; and Intelligence Services.

He is the founder and editor of EA WorldView, one of the leading news and analysis sites on US foreign policy and international affairs, especially in the Middle East. EA WorldView is now established as a day-to-day leader in coverage of conflict, sitting alongside- and sometimes ahead of- CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera.

Scott is a frequent contributor to American, British, and international media. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Centre for American Studies and Research at American University Beirut and he has been Adjunct Professor of the Institute for North American and European Studies at the University of Tehran.

Professor Scott Lucas "To understand world events you need to build relationships with people in countries. EA WorldView has been successful because we have great links with commentators across North Africa, the Middle East and Iran. This allows us to keep up to date with the untold stories of politics and protest that affect the region."

Scott has recently completed two edited books on US foreign policy and power - The Trials of Public Diplomacy (with Ali Fisher) and The Limits on US Power (with Bevan Sewell). Complementing his work as an electronic journalist and analyst as well as an academic, he is now beginning work on a book on how media such as online social networking sites are reshaping foreign policy and international affairs.