Dr Peter Gray

Peter GrayDr Peter Gray is a Senior Research Fellow in Air Power Studies, with his particular area of expertise being the history, theory and practice of air power.

Peter joined the University after a full career in the Royal Air Force; his early flying career as a navigator was spent in air defence duties on the Phantom F4; he later commanded 101 Squadron flying VC10K tankers. He has previously worked for three years in the Cabinet Office, Strategic Plans in MoD and as Director of Defence Studies for the RAF.

By studying the use of air power across the decades, Peter is able to translate the issues of the past to inform contemporary issues, at all levels of conflict from the high strategic levels through to the tactical.

Some of Peter’s current projects range from work on the impact of the recent Strategic Security and Defence Review through to the Leadership and Legitimacy of the Bomber Offensive against Germany. He has been able to use his academic research to inform policy and decision makers as well as influencing the thinking of planners and practitioners alike.