Professor Hongming Xu

hongming-xuProfessor Hongming Xu is a Chair in Energy and Automotive Engineering. With 6 years experience of motor industry, he researches on new engine technologies, low emission combustion systems , sustainable biofuels, and novel control strategies for cleaner engine operation.

Hongming regularly works with industry leaders, such as Jaguar Land Rover, Ford and Shell in order to achieve more efficient use of energy in vehicles. His work involves the energy recovery from the vehicle and thermal management in order to improve its capacity for recycling heat and energy.

Hongming is currently leading several ongoing important projects which examine candidates of sustainable bio-fuels and clean/efficient combustion in on- and off-road vehicles. Hongming and his team are working to understand engine calibration and control robustness using a diverse range of renewable fuel sources.

It is the view of Hongming and his team, in agreement with a number of industrial studies, that combustion engines will remain a power unit for at least the next 30 years and their work will contribute to their improvement and sustainability, through continuously reducing the emissions and increasing the fuel economy.