Driving a new industrial revolution

Professor Tim Dafforn  "The UK academic research base provides a world leading resource for the development of new technologies. Effectively harnessing this resource is an essential part of the drive to ensure that the UK economy remains amongst the top 10 economies worldwide."


Tim’s research focuses on understanding biology at the molecular level. Evolution has created biological machines at the microscopic scale and Tim’s research is exploring how we can harness their functions in medicine and engineering. Synthetic biology combines the huge strides made in genomics and genetics in the last twenty years with techniques from engineering to mirror biological functions found in nature. The re-engineering of biological systems has enormous potential for new drug development and in diagnostics. 

Tim also works in partnership with Dr Chris Hand, Chief Executive Officer of Abingdon Health and a specialist in medical diagnostics development. This partnership between the University of Birmingham and Abingdon Health has led to the development of several new diagnostic techniques that will benefit patients in the future.