Professor Paul Moss

Professor Paul Moss leads the University’s world class cancer research as head of the School of Cancer Sciences. His academic research focuses on cancers of the blood system (leukaemias). His particular interest is in finding ways to engage the body’s immune system in the treatment of these diseases.

Linked to this is research to make bone marrow transplants for leukaemia patients safer and more effective. The process of transplantation suppresses the body’s immune system making patients very vulnerable to infections, particularly Cytomegalovirus (CMV), a virus that in healthy individuals is not dangerous.

Professor Paul Moss "We are at the start of a revolution in cancer treatment that will see new techniques like gene therapy and immune therapy becoming routinely available to patients. This new generation of personalised treatment means we are the first generation that has the power to make cancer a condition that we manage effectively."

The team is looking at using transplantation of immune cells (T-Cells) to correct this problem. Paul’s group is also interested in the role CMV infection plays in healthy individuals. Up to 60% of people become infected with CMV during their lifetimes. Dealing with the virus places a significant and growing burden on our immune systems as we age.

Paul also has a major research interest in developing new cancer treatments that use the body’s immune system in tackling the disease.