Islamic Development Bank - International PhD Scholarship Programme

The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) is a multilateral financial development institution based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. IDB was established with the purpose of fostering economic development and social progress in its member countries, in accordance with the principles of Shariah i.e. Islamic law. The IDB is composed of 56 member countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.

The IDB launched its Merit Scholarship Programme (MSP) to contribute to the development of human resources and institutions in its member countries, in science and hi-technology fields, where such expertise is lacking but considered crucial for their sustainable development. 

Who we are looking for

The scholars are expected to contribute to the development priorities of their respective IDB member countries, pursuing research in areas such Health, Agriculture, Water Resource Management, Alternative Energies, Infrastructure Development, Nanotechnology and Engineering ICT.


The applicant must:

  • be a citizen of an IDB member country, and a permanent employee of an academic institution or a research centre of his/her country
  • secure admission at the University of Birmingham UK campus, using the UoB standard entry procedures
  • be 35 years of age or younger

Academic eligibility

The applicant must:

  • be nominated and sponsored by their institutions and considered suitable and appropriate by the Offices of the IDB Governors of their countries in terms of the developmental and scientific needs of their countries.
  • have an academic background in an area of research related to science/technology, as listed on the ISD scholarship programme web-site
  • have a proposed research area that is directly relevant to the development priorities of his/her country, demonstrated by a research proposal endorsed by the University of Birmingham
  • have above average ("Very Good") in academic standing
  • have work and/or research experience of not less than two years, with a strong history of developing publications and research in a relevant research area

Further information and application procedure

  • Please visit the IDB Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology (MSP) website
  • Prospective applicants should visit the IDB website to download an application form and read the full information in relation to eligibility and how to apply.
  • Prospective applicants must complete the application form and send it together with the required documents to the office of the IDB Governor in his/her own IDB member country, and not directly to the IDB Headquarters in Jeddah.
  • The application must reach the relevant IDB Governor's Office (or its designated office) by December 31 each year, for entry to the University of Birmingham in September the following year.  

Contact Information

Scholarship Division
Islamic Development Bank
P.O. Box 5925, Jeddah 21432, Saudi Arabia
Tel: (966-2) 646-6833 / 636-1400; Fax: 646-6887 / 636-6871

Islamic Development Bank partner countries

  • Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
  • Republic of Albania
  • Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria
  • Azerbaijan Republic
  • Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
  • Republic of Benin
  • Brunei
  • Burkina
  • Republic of Cameroon
  • Republic of Chad
  • Union of Comoros
  • Republic of Cte d’lvoire
  • Republic of Djibouti
  • Malaysia
  • Republic of Maldives
  • Republic of Mali
  • Islamic Republic of Mauritania
  • Kingdom of Morocco
  • Republic of Mozambique
  • Republic of Niger
  • Republic of Nigeria
  • Sultanate of Oman
  • Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  • State of Palestine
  • State of Qatar
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Republic of Senegal
  • Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Republic of Gabon
  • Republic of the Gambia
  • Republic of Guinea
  • Republic of Guinea Bissau
  • Republic of Indonesia
  • Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Republic of Iraq
  • Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • Republic of Kazakhstan
  • State of Kuwait
  • Kyrgyz Republic
  • Republic of Lebanon
  • Great Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
  • Republic of Sierra Leone
  • Republic of Somalia
  • Republic of Sudan
  • Republic of Suriname
  • Syrian Arab Republic
  • Republic of Tajikistan
  • Republic of Togo
  • Republic of Tunisia
  • Republic of Turkey
  • Republic of Turkmenistan
  • Republic of Uganda
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Republic of Yemen

    Islamic Development Bank scholarships are only eligible for study at our UK campus