Events in the Centre for Responsible Business

Previous events


21st-23rd September - Responsible Business Symposium

25th March - Shaping the Future of Responsible Business in a New World

28th January - Think Before You Spit: Responsible Business and Genetic Testing Webinar


26th November - Managing Employees Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Future of Work

13th November - Migration and Vulnerability During the Pandemic: Barriers to Wellbeing

13th November - Switched on for sound: how one device changed deaf children's lives forever

12th November - Remote Work and Worker Well-Being in the Post-COVID-19 Era

12th November-4th December - Plastic Pollution: Inspiration from the Next Generation

7th-15th October - ESRC Festival of Social Sciences

28th July - The Challenges of Optimising AI Responsibly for Business Success

9th July - Achieving and leading Equality & Diversity in challenging times


21st October - Responsible Business Film Screening Series - The 34th: The Story of Marriage Equality in Ireland

12th September - Responsible Business Academic Symposium

5th July - Greening the Global Value Chain event

4th June - Tax Havens and Social/Environmental Sustainability Workshop

28th May - Innovative Teaching for Responsible Business

22nd May - BITC Responsible Business in Action Practitioner Event – Cardiff

22nd May - BITC Responsible Business in Action Practitioner Event – Leeds

16th May - BITC Responsible Business in Action Practitioner Event – Edinburgh

14th May - BITC Responsible Business in Action Practitioner Event – Birmingham

8th May - BITC West Midlands Regional Showcase

2nd May - ReBA workshop series: Financial Intermediation

29th April - BITC Responsible Business in Action Practitioner Event

8th-10th April - British Accounting and Finance Association (BAFA) Annual Conference

26th March - Batteries Included: The Birth, Life, Second-Life and Death of Electric Vehicles

21st March - Credit Where It's Due: Rethinking Financial Citizenship

11th February - The Future of Work and the Future of Unions


23rd November - The Future of Food and Farming

6th November - Leaders Unlike You

29th October-9th November - Biodiversity in your shopping bag

13th September - Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Responsible Business annual conference

18th July - Examining the complexities of the interconnection between the SDGs: the role of "accounting" for water

3rd July-10th August - Exhibition: Careering Through Your Day

6th June - Financial Resilience Four @ Four

2nd May - Empowerment Inc.: Can corporations really 'empower' women, and do we even want them to?

25th January - Teaching responsible business


12th December - Creating new sustainable business models

26th October - Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Responsible Business: Curry, Chat and Corporate Change

26th September - Centre for Responsible Business Panel: 'Does Business Exist for the Good of Society?