Law, governance, economy

Illustration of business people arguing at a meetingThis theme describes the work of colleagues engaged in the law and governance of economic relations, and the relationship between law, governance and the economy.

This includes, legal, political and theoretical approaches to business forms, particularly the corporation, the public and private terms and conduct of domestic, European and international trade, finance, money and debt, regulation, contractual relations, tort, procurement, sustainability, environment, insurance, gaming, intellectual property, employment and labour markets.

Our researchers have been cited in courts around the world, and delivered keynote speeches at prestigious international conferences. We have collaborated with a variety of businesses, governments and international law-making institutions. Research has been published in Modern Law Review, European Law Review, Legal Studies Environmental Law Review, and Journal of Contract Law. Law, Governance, Economy forms a subject stream at our Annual Research Conference.

Further research groups include the Institute of European Law; the International Economic Law and Policy working group; Regulation and Governance of Commerce and Corporations research group; and the Law, Technology, Ethics sub-theme. Many have reading groups which researchers and PGRs are welcome to join.

Theme lead


  • Anthony Arnull - European law and governance
  • Henok Asmelash - international trade law, international investment law, regional economic integration in Africa, global energy transition governance
  • Kate Bedford - regulation of gambling, gender and development
  • Lovleen Bhullar - social rights, climate change, environment, natural resources and water law, antimicrobial resistance
  • Aleksandra Cavoski - environmental law and regulation
  • Sylvie Delacroix - machine ethics, morality and computer systems design
  • Rilka Dragneva-Lewers - Eastern Europe: regional integration, EU external policy, law reform
  • Szilárd Gáspár-Szilágyi - regional economic integration, Investment treaty arbitration, Regulation of Online Trading and Investing
  • Mohd Hwaidi - international trade law, law and technology, international finance and banking law, arbitration, maritime law
  • Andreas Kokkinis - corporate governance, bank corporate governance and financial regulation
  • Robert Lee - environment, sustainability, food governance
  • Maureen Mapp - cryptocurrencies and cyber crime
  • Catherine Mitchell - contract, theory, interpretation
  • Katharina Moser - company and insolvency law
  • Chukwuma Okoli - conflict of laws with a special focus on international commercial litigation
  • Karen Yeung - governance of computational technologies
  • Walters Nsoh - biodiversity, environmental law and land rights
  • Jenny Papettas - insurance law
  • Samantha Schnobel - professional negligence and feminist tort theory
  • Lorraine Talbot - social progress and companies, governance and political economy
  • Martin Trybus - European law, public procurement law and European defence integration
  • Chen Zhu - copyright law and digital property
  • Immaculate Motsi-Omoijiade - regulation of financial technology (Fintech)




Online resources

Our researchers talk about their work:

Algorithmic accountability - Karen Yeung
Robert Lee