BEAR Champion Profiles

Links to profiles of our current BEAR Champions

Nezha Acil

Nezha Acil
PhD Student in Geography,
Earth & Environmental Sciences 

Sam Benkwitz-Bedford

Sam Benkwitz-Bedford
Researcher in the Centre for 
Computational Biology

Yin Hoon Chew

Dr Yin Hoon Chew
Research Fellow
School of Mathematics

Dave Cottam

David Cottam
IT Manager for Research and Education
College of Social Science

Daniel Donaldson

Dr Daniel Donaldson
Assistant Professor in Electronic,
Electrical and Systems




Hanan Fara



PhD Student in Theology & Religion
Profile coming soon!


Ioanna Giannakou
PhD Student in Sport,
Exercise & Rehabilitation


Katrina Jan
PhD Student in English Literature


Dr Bowen Liu
Research Fellow
Birmingham Business School


Kirsty McCready
PhD Student in Biosciences


Dr Jack McMurray
Research Fellow
Institute of Inflammation & Ageing

Yi Miao

Yi Miao
PhD Student in Computer Science

Adam Milsom

Adam Milsom
Postdoctoral Researcher
Geography, Earth &
Environmental Sciences

Matt Mould

Matt Mould
PhD student in Gravitational Wave 

Avatar for Sam_25cm

Andrei Leonard Nicusan
PhD student in Chemical Engineering
Profile coming soon!

Geraint Pratten

Dr Geraint Pratten
Researcher in Physics & Astronomy

Jack Sullivan

Dr Jack Sullivan
Research Fellow
Institute of Inflammation and Ageing

Jason Turner

Dr Jason Turner
Research Fellow
Institute of Inflammation and Ageing 

Past BEAR Champions

Dr Warrick Ball - Researcher in Physics & Astronomy - now a Senior Research Software Engineer in Advanced Research Computing!

Jordan Deakin - PhD Student in Psychology

Dr Davide Gerosa - Lecturer in Gravitational Wave Astronomy

Tom Goodman - PhD Student in Computer Science

Kelly Hunter - Digital Pathology Analyst, Cancer Research UK Birmingham Centre

Dr Juliane Kloess - Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

David Owen - PhD Student in Mechanical Engineering

Melanie Roxby-Mackey - PhD Student & Educational Technologist in College of Arts & Law