Computational Biology

Computational Biology

Genome Biology research within the BCGB is greatly enhanced by the close collaboration between laboratory workers generating genome wide data and the bioinformaticians and modellers associated with the Centre for Computational Biology (CCB). Research groups engaged in computational biology within BCGB are also working towards understanding complex genetic data, and developing statistical methods for this purpose.

Current principal investigators active in Computational Biology research are:

Principal InvestigatorsResearch

Dr Roland Arnold

Bioinformatics analyses of transcription in cancer

Professor Jean Baptiste Cazier

Director of the Centre for Computational Biology

Bioinformatics, Data Science for Life Sciences, Precision Medicine, Population Diversity

Dr Deena Gendoo

Bioinformatics characterization of preclinical disease models and their applications in therapy

Professor Georgios Gkoutos

Clinical Bioinformatics, health data science, precision medicine

Shan He

Complex network analysis and modelling applied to biomedical problems

Dr Lindsey Leach

Statistical methods for the analysis of genetic and genomic data

Professor Zewei Luo

Strategies for dissecting complex quantitative and disease traits

Dr Danesh Moradigaravand

Theoretical evolutionary genetics

Dr Justina Zurauskiene

Computational Women's Health