Workshop Archives 

This is a list of IAS workshops that have already taken place. You can find out further information for each workshop by clicking on the title of the workshop.



14th December - Automated Clinical Epidemiology Studies (ACES) to bridge Public Health and Basic Science Research

11th December - Model Parameterisation in Healthcare and Life Sciences: Extracting Knowledge from Data

6th December - Building Mental Health Research Network

23rd November - Muslim Societies and Islam

22nd November - Challenges to Wellbeing – Prof Lisa Bortolotti

22nd November - Challenges to Wellbeing: The Experience of Loneliness and the Threat of Epistemic Injustice in the Clinical Encounter

9th November - Patient-reported outcomes for symptom monitoring in oncology - Lunchtime Lecture

30th October - In spitting distance: towards a University of Birmingham centre for the analysis of oral fluids

30th October - Salivaomics, Saliva Diagnostics & Saliva Liquid Biopsy

25th October - Preserving Cultural Heritages; Sustaining Social Diversities

25th-26th October - IAS UoB and TUM-IAS Joint Workshop 2017

2nd October - Transnational Medication Practices, Migration and Superdiversity

20th September - Debt and Debt Relief

15th September - Mapping the Future - Charting the research potential of the UoB Cartography Collection

13th-14th July - New Frontiers in Colloid Science

6th July - The Politics of Education in Societies in Transition: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

29th June - Environment Care: Mapping the Chemosphere

13th June - Beach Water Quality and Public Health in the North American Great Lakes: The Science, Technology & Policy Behind Beach Management

18th May - Audiences, Readers, Listeners, Users – Understanding reception in a digital age

11th May - Accelerating Drug Repurposing in the UK

11th May - Designing Research on the Governance of Renewable Natural Resources in Developing Countries

25th April - The Challenge of Interdisciplinary Research Between History and Genomics

24th April - Genomic Data and Longobard History

8th March - Jutta Thielen – del Pozo, EC Joint Research Centre Scientific Development Unit

1st March - Children and Childhood Network Inaugural Meeting

8th February - FOOD MATTERS: Sustainable Diets and Nutrition To Tackle Obesity and Diabetes in Diverse Communities

13th January - Midlands Cardiovascular Sciences (CVS)

12th January - The Mysteries of Black Holes


14th December - Human Brain Health

11th December - Sedentary behaviour and physical activity in people with multiple sclerosis

10th December - The Stranger's Guide to the Paradoxical Museum

9th December - Big Data Lunchtime Seminar: 'R or Python? What's your favourite data analysis tool?'

2nd November - Latin American and Caribbean experiences of migration, work and employment

18th September - Loss, Recovery, Reclamation: Re-thinking the Modern World

16th September - In Collaboration: Arts and Science

14th September - Vulnerability and Resilience: An Emerging Paradigm

10th September - Begging on the streets in Northern Europe

28th August - Employing Vulnerability Theory: Challenges and Opportunities

21st July - Giving Women Their Place in Holocaust History

9th July - Authorial Attribution: Traditional and Non-Traditional Approaches in the Digital Age

9th July - Screening Vulnerability

1st July - Professor Geoff Eley: "What Produces Democracy? Revolutionary Crises, Popular Politics, and Democratic Gains in Twentieth-Century Europe"

29th June - Making Resources Speak: themes and methods of the New Materialism

29th June - Collaboration with Hong Kong University via U21

27th June - Memory-Myth-Performance

25th June - Planned Cities, Engineered Cities

25th-26th June - New Directions in Human Capital Theory

11th June - International Workshop on Intersectionality and Migrant Entrepreneurship

10th June - Educational Realities and The Tasks of the Critical Scholar/Activist in Education

9th June - Mature trees and climate change – why are they overlooked and why are they important?

8th June - Some thoughts on cognitive functions and correspondences of Egyptian myth (eme) s

20th May - Critical Entrepreneurship Studies

13th May - Big Data Lunchtime Seminar

7th May - Mind, Brain and Models - Nottingham meets Birmingham

29th April - Looking Forward to Clean Sport: The Future of Education- and Detection-Based Deterrents to Doping

27th April - The Contribution of Leaderful Practice To Leadership-as-Practice

16th April - Home, Harmony and Hope Birmingham & Chicago

11th March - Charities and their Publics

11th March - Big Data Lunchtime Seminar

5th March - Memory and History: Understanding contemporary Olympism in an individual and social context

24th February - Quo Vadis Olympism: a multidisciplinary exploration

5th February - Employment and well-being: How much work should we do in the 'good life'?


15th December - Music and Alabaster

3rd December - Lunchtime Seminar: Monitoring temporal and spatial change in Antarctic terrestrial communities

26th November - Varieties of religious superdiversity

25th November - Joint IAS / NERC Workshop: How to discover Adverse Outcome Pathways from molecular & gene response networks in systems biology to best govern the use of chemicals & nanoparticles

20th November - Dancing Maps

7th November - Knowledge, networks and conflict: How do we know what we know in fragile and conflict-affected states?

29th October - Exploring the dimensions of change in the professions and the implications for education and training: an inter-disciplinary approach

24th October - A Future for West Midlands Devolution?

22nd October - A Body of Crime: Conceptualising the Dead

15th October - Russia's Place in the World in the last 100 years: Culture, Society and Environment

14th October - Predicting the Effect of Drought on River Ecology

9th October - Computational Models of Social Interaction

9th October - Intelligent computation meets bio-medical research: recent developments in computational biology

3rd October - The University, the Study of Religion and the Public Square

24th September - Eyes on Central Asia

22nd September - Manufacturing and the Skills Crisis in the West Midlands and Chicago: Defining the Problem and Exploring Solutions

19th September - Big Data

11th September - The Global Concussion Crisis

11th September - Work, Wealth and Well-being: Optimising health, well-being and performance in diverse and ageing workforces

10th September - 'Head Games: The Global Concussion Crisis'

18th-19th August - Figurative language: its patterns and meanings in domain-specific discourse

9th-10th July - Inclusive Entrepreneurship: innovations in research and practice

24th June - Dogs, Owners & Responsibility: Law in the Doghouse

21st June - Building Trust through Face-to-Face Diplomacy

18th June - Challenges for Early Modern Women's History

16th-18th June - The Biology and Physics of Bacterial Genomes

4th June - An Evidence-Based Approach to Crime Prevention and Reduction

4th June - New Labour in New York: Precarious Workers and Their Organizing Efforts

2nd-3rd June - New Migrants, Entrepreneurs and Cities: An International Comparison

30th May - Challenges to Emerging and Established Powers: Brazil and the United Kingdom in the Contemporary Global Order

30th May - 'Ethics, War, and Intervention' – a conference from the Institute of Advanced Studies, Birmingham

30th May - 'The Ethics of Humanitarian Intervention, with Comments on Syria' – a Public Lecture by Jeff McMahan

28th May - Hypoxia and Hypoxia-Inducible Factors in Disease

28th May - What is 'compassion' in nursing, and can it be measured?

13th May - Powders for Structural and Functional Applications

8th-9th May - Data analysis, machine learning, and modelling in the bio-medical domain

24th April - Cities and Urban Change Summit

16th April - Re-building manufacturing – New Dogs, Old Tricks!

9th April - Building from the Bottom: How is Social Innovation transforming Social Policy?

7th April - Ambassador Diego Gomez Pickering: Transforming Mexico

1st April - Biophilic Cities

31st March - 'The Kingdom of God is Always but Coming': Justice and the Legacy of the Social Gospel in North America

26th March - Higher Education in Brazil: Evolution and Challenges

18th March - Ken Loach's 'Save the Children Fund Film'

13th March - Hybridity: Exploring power, social structures, and institutions beyond the liberal west

12th March - Global Migration Governance after the High Level Dialogue

5th February - DIAD: Opportunities from a New Synchrotron X-Ray Beamline

29th January - IAS New Staff Networking Lunch

29th January - Education In A Global Setting: The Needs of the 21st Century


10th December - Translational Biomaterials – From Scientific Innovation to Clinical Translation

30th November - Perfect People

30th November-1st December - Leveraging the legacies of sports mega-events

21st November - Cycling for Health and Sustainability

2nd-3rd November - Complaining about Medicine, c.1700-2000

1st November - Fine Art Curatorship in the Regions

29th-30th October - Human decision making under uncertainty

17th October - Hydrohazards: extremes, environment and people

12th October - Expanding public engagement in science and research

28th September - Health and Happiness

28th September - Carbohydrate Recognition

21st September - Disability, Austerity and Inequality: Overcoming Discrimination in the 21st Century

17th-18th September - Regeneration economies in an age of uncertainty: Transformation, Innovation and Economic Growth

12th September - Dance Medicine and Science research and expertise in Birmingham and beyond

11th September - Female sexuality as subject: culture, policy and practice

10th September - Territorial and Non-Territorial Autonomies

24th July - From Starters to Main Courses

24th July - Cell Therapy

19th-20th July - Infection

16th July - Trans-disciplinary approaches to Physical Activity Promotion in Older Adults

14th July - Vulnerability, Justice and the Responsive State

11th July - The Birmingham Hand

11th July - Evaluating Policy and Practice Interventions that Aim to Develop Wellbeing and Resilience

27th June - Evaluating Behaviour Change Interventions in Social Policy

27th June - Languages of memory

22nd June - Superdiversity

24th May - Researching Africa and the development of the Africa Hub Website