Equi-injury training and resources

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The Equi-injury team provides training and resources relevant to global health research. Here you will find all the resources we have created.

We will be adding more resources soon – these will be open access and freely available to all! 

WP1: Stakeholder Needs for Sustainable Solutions

WP1: Facilitating group discussions and workshops to gather relevant data  

A brief guide to writing clinical research papers - Professor Justine Davies 

Critical perspectives on community engagement, involvement, and participation in global health research - Dr Christina Laurenzi

Cost-effectiveness analysis to inform reimbursement, allocation, and prioritisation decisions in health - Professor Laura Bojke

Using the nominal group technique to identify needs and priorities for healthy ageing

Free resources provided by the NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery

Free resources provided by the Global Health Economics Hub

A Trainee Guide to Understanding Mentorship and the Mentorship Team – Dr Barnabas Alayande

Applying qualitative research methods in health research - Dr Justin Aunger

  • PowerPoint slides [PDF, 3.67MB]
  • Accessible Word version [Docx, 22.0KB]

Introduction to qualitative data analysis - Dr Agnieszka Ignatowicz

  • PowerPoint slides [PDF, 1.95MB]
  • Accessible Word version [Docx, 20.2KB]