Gene Regulation, Epigenetics and Genomics

Gene Regulation and EpigeneticsSeveral groups within the BCGB are working together to understand how cellular signals impact upon transcription factors and chromatin to control developmentally regulated gene expression and epigenetic modifications. Much of this work is centred on the normal development of blood cells and the immune system, and the dysregulation of the molecular mechanisms controlling these processes in leukaemia. 

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Table of current principal investigators active in gene regulation, epigenetics and genomics

Ildem Akerman

Gene regulation in pancreatic beta cells

Paul Badenhorst

The roles of ATP dependent chromatin remodelling enzymes

Andrew Beggs

The identification of epigenetic biomarkers to stratify cancer diagnostics

Roy Bicknell

Transcriptional regulation during angiogenesis

Constanze Bonifer

Transcriptional programming of chromatin in development and cancer.

Saverio Brogna

Mechanisms connecting mRNA processing with translation and mRNA decay

Steve Busby

Gene regulation in Bacteria

Peter Cockerill

Transcriptional programming of chromatin in T cell development and leukaemia

John Colburn

Genetic mechanisms underlying responses of organisms to their environment

Matthew Coleman

Protein hydroxylation in cancer

Clare Davies

The role of arginine methylation in gene regulation and cancer

Yun Fan

The role of apoptosis-induced cell proliferation in Drosophila and in cancer

Jonathan Frampton

The role of the transcription factor MYB in haemopoiesis and leukaemia

David Grainger 

Bacterial chromosome folding and gene regulation

Pawel Grzechnik

RNA biology and gene regulation

Maarten Hoogenkamp

The role of the LMO transcriptional regulators in haemopoiesis and leukaemia

Neil Hotchin

Regulation of signal transduction and gene expression by Rho family proteins

Rui Monteiro

TGFb signalling in haematopoiesis and endothelial biology

Ferenc Mueller

Chromatin programming and transcription regulation in Zebrafish

Claire Palles

Genetic predisposition to gastrointestinal cancer

Joanna Parish

Human papillomavirus gene regulation, genome stability and replication

Matthias Soller

Mechanisms of pre-mRNA processing

Bryan Turner

Histone modifications regulating gene expression

Malgorzata Wiench

Regulation of gene expression by DNA methylation in development and cancer